Create a Podcast from the NASA Image and Video Library Collection

Using the API for the NASA Image and Video Library, create a podcast based on searching a particular tag.

Write code to create a valid podcast RSS feed for a video podcast based on searching the NASA Image and Video Library using the Collection+JSON-based API for the tag “ScienceCasts”. 

The NASA website at is a large, fast-growing collection of the best of NASA’s video, audio, and still images. The current site is focused on Search of the collection. It is built for the Cloud, using dynamic page creation with a responsive design. The underlying collection returns query results in in the form of Collection+JSON content.

The code must:

  • Produce a valid RSS feed (per containing the 20 most recent videos matching the ScienceCasts keyword, linking to the “Large” version of the file in the collection.


  • Map metadata from each item to the appropriate metadata fields in the RSS feed
  • Include extension fields to support iTunes Music Store

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