Create Website to Browse the NASA Image and Video Library Collection

Using the API for the NASA Image and Video Library, create a web site that will allow browsing of the complete collection of the NASA Image and Video Library collection. 

The NASA website at is a large, fast-growing collection of the best of NASA’s video, audio, and still images. The current site is focused on Search of the collection. It is built for the Cloud, using dynamic page creation with a responsive design. The underlying collection returns query results in in the form of Collection+JSON content.

The task entails creating a website to browse the collection. The minimal successful implementation would index all the detail pages in the NASA Image and Video Library collection so that an outside search engine (e.g. Google, Bing, or DigitalGov) can navigate the site and index all the detail pages. However, there are a set of additional features that come into play to determine the best of successful implementations.

The site must:

  • Include a link to the detail page of each item in the collection


  • Display the thumbnail of each item in the collection, linked to the corresponding detail page
  • Be dynamically generated, so content is complete for each visitor
  • Be fully usable across multiple browsers and platforms
  • Be fully accessible, including informative alt tags for all images
  • Able to order results by various categories (dates starting with oldest, dates starting most recent, alphabetical by title, sorted by Center, etc.)
  • Aesthetically pleasing presentation.

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