New Leaf Digital is a Huntsville-based 501(c)(3) STEM innovation accelerator. With 1,500 members and 6 events/month, New Leaf Digital is building an innovation economy in Huntsville. The organization regularly hosts innovation conferences, hackathons, speaker series, workshops, and tech demos geared toward helping individuals and businesses alike harness the power of outside-of-the-box thinking and creation.


The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has served as the premier professional society for the aerospace profession since its founding in 1963. Today AIAA has more than 30,000 individual members from 88 countries and 95 corporate members. AIAA is the leading aerospace publisher, an influential public policy voice for the aerospace industry, and an important information resource for those working in the aerospace profession.


Huntsville STEAM Works is a new 58,00 sq/ft hardware prototyping lab located at Lowe Mill. Complete with 3D printers, CNC mills, laser cutters, and manual tools, Huntsville STEAM Works gives creators ample space and resources to build to their heart's content.


Organizing Team



Become a community ambassador and help us reach the software and aerospace engineering populations of Huntsville. We have a goal of 300 attendees for this event, which is traditionally difficult to achieve during weekends in Huntsville. Help us reach a broad audience by partnering to help us market to these audiences in exchange for visibility in our promotional efforts.


Participating Companies

The following companies will be attending Huntsville's first NASA Space Apps Challenge to offer information about their programs, services, employment opportunities, and tech.